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 Forum and Chatbox Rules

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Forum and Chatbox Rules Empty
PostSubject: Forum and Chatbox Rules   Forum and Chatbox Rules Icon_minitimeSun Oct 04, 2015 2:14 pm


1 ) Don’t make unecessary posts.
2 ) Don’t make replies with only 1 or 2 words. They will be counted as spam, and a warning will be in place
3 ) Don’t revive topics that have been inactive for elongated periods of time
4 ) Don’t insult other members in your posts.
5 ) Do not double-post.
6 ) Posting adult content is forbidden.
7 ) Major vulgarity is NOT allowed. We understand if you curse once or twice in the chatbox, but chill with those mean words.
8 ) Show respect for Staff and other members.
9 ) Advertising via Posts and PM is strictly forbidden.
10 ) Do not minimod. If you see something wrong, report it to a staff member, and they will handle it accordingly.
11) No talking about religion, politics, money, etc. We all have our different views, keep them to yourself.
12) No double accounts. First offense will be a Warning. Multiple reports will result in a ban.
9) Do not impersonate staff. This includes, but is not limited to, threatening to kick members, telling everyone they will be banned, adding a @ sign to your user name, etc.

ChatBox Rules

1 ) Vulgarity is frowned upon. One or two words is okay every once in awhile, but keep it to a minimum
2 ) Don’t post adult content.
3 ) Avoid arguments with other members.
4 ) Don't post huge pictures. This makes the chat laggy and scrolly.
5 ) Advertising is forbidden. (Other sites, Factions, etc.)
6 ) Don’t disrespect Staff and other Members.
7 ) Please speak in English, UNLESS the language you are speaking directly affects a current event.
8  ) Don't spam.


1st Warning: We will take nothing from you.
2nd Warning: You will be banned from tournaments and major site activities for 2 days.
3rd Warning: You will lose your Forum Ranking, and/or Staff Position (If a staff member)
4th Warning: You will be banned for a week from the site
5th Warning: You will be IP banned.

Chatbox Warnings

1st warning: Verbal warning
2nd warning: Kick from chat
3rd warning: Kick from chat again and a written profile warning.
4th warning: Ban from chat for 1 day
5th warning: Ban from chat for 7 days
6th warning: Ban from chat forever

If you disagree with any of these rules, or if you have ideas to be added to the rules, please pm a Moderator or Admin.
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Forum and Chatbox Rules
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