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 Class types & inventory

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Class types & inventory Empty
PostSubject: Class types & inventory   Class types & inventory Icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2017 6:53 pm

This is a short description for class types and all classes that fit under it, and an explanation of the inventory system.

Character types are: Assault type, Stealth type, Utility type, Defense type, and Powers type.
Class types that fit under each of these:
Powers type:

Moving on

Inventory. Each character will have a base of 200 weight able to be carried, this is modified by the type of class you choose. Defense gains +100 weight, Assault gains +50 weight, Utility gets +0 weight, Powers gets +0 weight, Stealth gets -50 weight. Each character has an inventory space of five items on their person, depending on the size of the item, it may or may not take up more than one space, for example: a rocket launcher would take up two spaces. Utility type consumables take up 1/2 of a space, which allows for two consumables to be carried per space, same goes for bullets (say 50 in a stack, each stack is 1/2 of a space). Each character will have to make a post about their hideout and keep it updated with every weapon and item stocked in there, and they will be able to change and transfer items from their hideout with that of their person. Please note: When posting about your weapon, please keep in mind to include the clip size, it will be easier to keep track of bullets.
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Class types & inventory
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