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 Lost Network RP

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PostSubject: Lost Network RP   Lost Network RP Icon_minitimeFri May 04, 2018 2:06 pm

The Network connects all forms of life to eachother, hosting arenas, duels, and deck vaults for the famous Duel Monsters game. It was the easiest way for the human world to connect with the spirit world, as well as serving as a platform for the entire world to connect and gain energy via duels....until one day the Network went down. No one knows why but now energy reserve are at an all time low and the only connection to duel monsters must now be through real cards and the use of newly created Link monsters to help bring out stronger monsters. Now duelists all over the world scour across as they search for the older methods used when dueling had just begun, as well as discovering new treasures along the way. But as these duelist wage their adventure, an organization rises from the ashes, utilizing the network that they single handidley hacked and took down. Virtual cards are now at their disposal as they search the network for the legendary hidden network cards. With the organization slowly taking control, and bandits and criminals on the loose utilizing this energy ridden time, duelists will have to come together and bring back classic duel monsters and bring hope upon the world

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Lost Network RP
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