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 Side Character List for New Hero RP

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Nick Man
Ra Yellow
Nick Man

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PostSubject: Side Character List for New Hero RP   Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:53 am

Nick's Side Characters:


Name: Micheal Korver
Alias: None
Alignment: None
Role: Nathan's best friend who goes to college with him. Dorm roommates. Takes stuff pretty seriously but doesnt know Nathan is a superhero.


Name: Garold
Alias: Prime
Alignment: Super Hero
Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Super Speed, Super Senses
Role: Was the first and strongest superhero in the world. Lead the superhero movement and now acts as the head for the High Justice Council.

Name: ???
Alias: Draco
Alignment: Super Hero
Powers: Dragon abilities, can shoot and tank Flames, Super physicals (spiderman level at his base), gadgets/suits similar to batman, enhanced vision, Dragon Form
Role: One of the best tactical heroes in the world. Trained under Prime's best friend who has been long deceased the Black Dragon. He's now the head instructor at the Secret Hero Academy.

Name: Tye Lorantin
Alias: Leviathon
Powers: Water manipulation, Atlantic weaponry and armor, minor atlantic magic, superhuman strength and reflexes
Role: Is the son of the Atlantean King and hero TidalWave. His mother is also a human, so he goes to the human world regulary, was sent by his father to train at the academy.

Name: Alexis Harrison
Alias: Viper
Powers: Invisibility, Peak Human Agility, Peak Human Flexibility, Peak Human Acrobatic, Expert Knife Fighter and Thrower, minor intel gadgets such as a touch screen pad on her arm, an ear piece, us drives to gather information, etc.
Role: Currently student in training at the academy as well as a student at a New York University. She's one of the best students in the stealth program and is an expert at attaining information.

Name: ???
Alias: Pulse
Power: Sonic Manipulation, Vibration Manipulation
Role: Head of the Secret Hero Academy, one of the most skilled heroes and is currently the top hero under the Justice Council.

Name: Ella Grace
Alias: Olympian
Power: Can utilize the abilities of the Olympian gods. Generally can only harness one ability at a time.
Role: Was born Zeus's daughter. Being his first child in ages he was overprotective of her and her abilities, belieiving her to be the supposed God of Gods the oracles had foretold Zeus about. OVertime Ella became impatient, hearing all these stories about her siblings and how they've saved the world over and over fighting off monsters. Ella eventually ran away from Olympus against her father's orders and began hunting down demons and monsters threatening the Earth, eventually coming across Cyber Demon who put a halt to her crusade, getting her locked up through interpol.


Name: Corwin Brant
Alias: DarkEdge
Power: Darkness manipulation, Dark world Summoning, Can shroud areas in a dark aura.
Role: A young child found by the Council with a great potential and power within him. He was sent to the Academy to be taught and trained properly about heroics.

Name:Terrance Steel
Alias: Steel
Powers: Can turn his skin to steel and any nonanimate object he touches into steel as well.
Role: Owns the largest night club franchise in New York, runs a fairly large gang within the city. Has a large public profile.

Name: Henry Walker
Alias: DeathStalker
Powers: Scorpion-Humanoid body, Super Physicals proportionate to Scorpian, can camoflauge body, can spit acid from his mouth and use his blow dart for long range and more accuracy, Poison-Tipped claws and fangs that can knock people out if injected, 360 Vision, Expert h2h martial artist
Role: Was part of a Black Ops Special Forces group when an op went wrong. Him and his team were believed to be dead when infact he survived and was cursed by a witch in the desert, gaining scorpion like abilities. Now hunts down the government officials that abandoned him and any magic user to turn him back to normal. Extremely skilled and well capable.

Name: ???
Alias: Shadow Lord
Powers: SHadow Manipulation, Shadow Constructs, Shadow Teleportation, Shadow Clones, Dark Magic in general.
Role: Was Prime's nemesis up until he went almost 15 years ago. It's believed Prime defeated him, but in reality he simply went missing. Master of the strongest forms of the Dark Arts, specifically Shadow Form the deadliest. Was one of the worlds most threatening villians.

Name: Rex Lionel
Alias: Atomic
Power: Radiation Manipulation, Nuclear Manipulation
Role: Was in a nuclear powerplant explosion long ago. Is the current nemesis to Pulse, and leads one of the largest villianous teams. He's blown up entire cities across the world, as well as leaving radiation poisoning.

Name: ???
Alias: Cyber Demon
Power: Technopathy, tech gadgets, demonic powers, curses, minor flame manipulation
Role: Was a demon who served under a powerful demonic lord. Was torn in half in a battle with Draco when he had fully released his magical Dragon Side, nearly causing his soul and demonic body to wither away until his master had given him to the Controller to be remodified and brought back.


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Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: Re: Side Character List for New Hero RP   Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:39 am

Revolver/Regulus Side Characters:

Name: Julius Yoma
Alias: Construct
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Photokinetic Constructs
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Julius can create various construct of light with ease, with the size depending on how much light is available.

Name: Astrid Flore
Alias: Scale
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Power Detection
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Astrid is able to sense the presence of a super power, by distinguishing them from regular humans. Although she isn't able to tell what power it is through sensing it, she can determine how powerful the ability is, as well as how well the user is currently able to access their powers. Upon seeing a power in use, she is easily able to decipher what the power is.

Name: Sam & Samantha Morse
Alias: White Mage
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Singular - Healing, Together - Flawless Restoration
Role: Two members of Hanoi and dedicated followers of Revolver. The Morse siblings are fraternal twins. Each of them has the power to heal the wounds of people they come into contact with, however when they use their power together, they have the power to not only heal people's physical wounds, but are able to restore them completely, as well as restore non-organic material as well such as a wall.

Name: Edward Fantama
Alias: Blueprint
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Architecture Manipulation
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Edward was the power behind the creation of the tower, alongside those that could generate materials. With his ability he's able to manipulate, change and control any form of architecture and their relevant materials as well as create various structures with a flick of his wrist.

Name: Rachel Violet
Alias: Silence
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Memory Manipulation
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Rachel is able to perform various techniques surrounding the manipulation of memory, although the majority of abilities surrounding those of others memories has to be done through physical contact, except her trademark "silence" ability - This allows her the ability to fizzle people's short-term memory; when someone takes their eyes off of her, she can remove the memory of her and all that happened while looking at her, from that person's brain.

Name:Erika Ramos
Alias: Circuit
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Technomorphism
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Erika has insane intellect and combined with her power, she's living technology. The ability to create, control and evolve nanomachines at will, gives her a variety of advantages over any other Powered being.

Name: Daniel Lastro
Alias: Doppelganger
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Replication
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Daniel's version of replication is reserved solely to himself - he is only able to replicate himself in his entirety, essentially creating an army of himself.

Name: Ryan Cotaer
Alias: Ghost
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Intangibility/Enhanced Combat
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Ryan has the ability to become completely untouchable and when mixed with his skills in combat, he comes a dangerous weapon.

Name: Julio Rampardo
Alias: Mimic
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Shapeshifting
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Julio is able to transform his body into anything he desires. Due to his power, he excels in stealth, infiltration and blending in.

Name: Kiera Cameron
Alias: Kosmos
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Magic Mastery
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Kiera is in the top 5 most powerful members of Hanoi, and perhaps the world. Born before the first documentation of history, Kiera was one of the first to study the art of magic and has been on the run various times over accusations of witchcraft. At a young age and starving for more magic progression, she made a deal in order to use true magic - She was gifted with agelessness (Keeping her young forever, and allowing her to never die through age), however she could die through any other means and as such, her death was destined to be a long excruciating one (She is never to have a quick death). With agelessness, everyone she ever knew and met in her life up till now is dead and she has witnessed the changing of the world and its morals countless times and hid herself from the world and in her eyes: its corruption. Seeing the next change coming through the Hanoi, she appeared and sided with them in order to have a voice in the change. Kiera is a master at all things magic, having lived for countless years and having as much time to study, learn, unlock and experience all she needed too.

Name: Esperia Maro
Alias: Excalibur
Alignment: Revolver/Hanoi
Powers: Weapon Manipulation
Role: A member of Hanoi and dedicated follower of Revolver. Esperia is another of the top 5 in Hanoi - with the ability to create and proficiently use any type of weapon as well as turn anything INTO a weapon, she is always a trump card in any situation; and always has the right weapon for any moment.
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Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: Re: Side Character List for New Hero RP   Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:22 pm

The Don's Lieutenants:

Name: Mariela Mariposa de la Rosa
Alias: The First
Alignment: The Don
Powers: Sound Manipulation
Role: The first and most trusted Lieutenant of The Don, her role is to keep the others in line, even if her powers may not measure to the others, they all trust the Don's leadership and thus trust her.

Name: Daniel Rhodes
Alias: The Second
Alignment: The Don
Powers: Technology Manipulation
Role: The second Lieutenant of The Don, his role is to keep the others updated on the events of the world, and to keep the island's deeds hidden, as well as avoiding detection by anyone via technology; his role is respected by even The First, and he is The Don's trusted adviser.

Name: Hyldir Maksimus
Alias: The Third/Cleaner
Alignment: The Don
Powers: Illusion Manipulation
Role: The third Lieutenant of The Don, his role is adviser to The Don and the other Lieutenants and the he is the Cleaner that gets sent out to deal with shit happening on the island and other locations.

Name: Georgia Frieslund
Alias: The Fourth/Delegate
Alignment: The Don
Powers: Charm Mode
Role: The fourth Lieutenant of The Don, her role is general populace control and an ambassador to other organizations or countries.

Name: Zero
Alias: Zero/Lieutenant Zero
Alignment: The Don
Powers: Special Ops Mastery
Role: This man is an enigma, serving only The Don, he is sent out on the most brutal of operations, and has a clear rate of over 90%; otherwise he is guarding the don or moving according to his will.

Name: Solomon
Alias: The Fifth/Bogeyman
Alignment: The Don
Powers: Killing Instinct
Role: The heavy hitter that accompanies both the Cleaner and Zero on their missions, he is able to destroy an entire group of enemies if they are unaware, pick off people one by one without notice, or assassinate a pro magic user with little effort, ignoring their traps; this man is adept in torture and serves The Don with an unbreakable will.

Name: Fenrir
Alias: The Sixth/Honey
Alignment: The Don
Powers: Psychological Intuition
Role: Where The Fourth fails, The Sixth steps in; when peaceful negotiations do not go well or they feel something is off, the twins switch places and manipulates the other party to do what they want, no matter the cost.
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Nick Man
Ra Yellow
Nick Man

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PostSubject: Re: Side Character List for New Hero RP   Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:28 pm

Name: Henry
Alias: Split
Powers: Can copy the abilities and personalities of others.
Background: Henry was raised by his uncle Deacon, another superhero with similar powers. Only Henry's powers didnt work exactly the same. When in contact with someone he can copy their abilities, but also copies their personalities as well. He can only use one power at a time, but can control it for as long as he likes. The downside is that the longer he maintains this the more control the other personality gains, and as such, he cannot copy those powers without resetting for longer than around 30 minutes.

Name: Mary
Powers: Crystal Form and Generation
Background: Mary's abilities allow her to transmutate her own flesh into a crystal form, as well as allows her to create and generate crystal structures. She excelled at the hero academy and was one of the youngest people to obtain her hero license. She became best friends with Split, and eventually the two fell in love in Europe where they founded their hero team. She keeps Split in check from going to overboard with his abilities, basically acting as his "Rock".

Name: Korek
Alias: Dimensioner
Powers:Beginner level Dimensioner abilities (Can Open Portals)
Background: Korek was the apprentice to the current Dimension Guard of Earth 1. After learning the basics, he was sent to Earth in order to not only learn more about the Dimension he was going to guard when he was older, but to become apart of it. Knowing about Prime and his great deeds to save the multiverse, Korek has thrown himself into the hero community, learning to hone his abilities as well as learn what it means to be a true Guardian.

Name: Orab
Alias: Blitz
Powers: Demonic Lightning Manipulation
Background: Orab the demon is one of the few demons pardoned from hell, though only due to his contract. This contract including hunting down and finding the rogue demon, Cyber Demon to be more specific. His original reasoning for being sent to hell is only know by his team, but he's to act as the best possible counter to Cyber Demon. At first he had been aggressive during his hunt, being almost ruthless, until coming across Split and Crystalline. After a few interactions, they had seen Orab wasn't a naturally evil nor angry person, but that Hell had turned him this way. Orab, learning to regain his former self as well as continue his hunt, joined Split's team.

Name: David
Alias: Spirit Walker
Powers: Aura Control
Background: David had been Henry's best friend throughout the academy. Their abilities working together in a unique way. David's abilities centered around auras, first learning to control his own aura energy, and manipulating it into creating constructs such as blades and bullets, or using it to calm and heal his own body. To a degree he could do this with others, but one of his more unique visions include seeing another person auras. Through this he can see if one is a naturally agressive, mean-spirited person, or if someones intentions and well and true. This assisted him with Henry, as he would know when Henry's aura was losing total control to the other personality, or even if the personality Henry had taken was truely a good person or a bad person. He had been the one to analyze Orab and realized his aura was naturally good, and had just been merked most likely due to his interactions in hell.

Name: Frank
Alias: Silver Scarab
Power: Metallic Scarab suit, Scarab/Alien like abilities
Background: Frank lived his life as a billioniare playboy philanthropist, up until he had come into contact with the scarab. An Alien-like device that allowed him to use the suit's alien weaponry against crime. Though at first Frank was quite boastful, up until the original aliens that sent the scarab had attacked Frank to use him as their vessel. During the crossfire Frank's parents had been murdered as well as his fiance. Frank, then enraged, wiped out the aliens single-handedly. After this incident Frank had realized how precious life was and how selfish he had been with it beforehand. This event is what turned him into the noble and honorable hero he is today. He now teaches at the Hero Academy in Los Angeles, California.

Name: Travis
Alias: Magno
Powers: Magnetic Control
Background: Travis can control the full electromagnetic spectrum. Though it greatly strains him the more eleborately he uses his powers. Being able to control things such as metal is quite simple for him, but delving in to the full power of the spectrum, even with things such as just basic electromagnetic shields, can cause him great pain as he hasnt mastered his powers yet. He was one of Pulse's ace students before Pulse was transferred to New York as a dean. He's the current leader of his Squad/Class's team.

Name: Eliene
Alias: Shifter
Powers: Shape SHifting
Background: Eliene was always a very lonely person. As a child her parents were disgraced of her abilities and quickly shunned her, so she would run away from home and shape shift into other children to hide within their families. This wouldnt last long as when the original child showed up the parents would immediately know she was an imposter and be ran out. She would continue similar things until Silver Scarab had come across her. He had empathized with her as he didnt look like your average person. She was taken in by the Scarab almost immediately, who had trained her to hone her abilities. Through this she was not only able to turn into other humans, but other creatures she had seen before. WIth this she's been able to excel in classes, using smaller animals or her human forms for stealth, or her larger creature forms for more physical related missions. At first she had been shunned by her family and all alone, until she came across Scarab and her new squad mates in class.

Name: Roberto
Alias: Illustrator
Power: Meta Art Manipulation
Background: Roberto was one of the most fascinating heroes the LA Hero Academy had ever seen. He was an artistic, yet realistic individual who could control forms of art, whether that be paintings or pictures. With this he could bring paintings to life in the form of physical illusions, or even transport others into the borders of a picture or painting. No one knows much about Roberto's family, only that he had come to LA with no family left. He's a rather quiet individual, but he adores his teammates and is happy to be apart of a family.

Name: Lori
Alias: Twinkle
Power: Inorganic Time Manipulation
Background: Lori had been experimented on by the government as they believed she was their key to time traveling. They pushed her abilities to far limits until they realized her abilities could only affect inorganic things such as metal, dirt, wood, and other objects. Eventually Lori had had enough and escaped the facility. Being a scared and frightened child in this confusing new world for her, she attacked almost anything in her way. By the time she had made it to LA the heroes had caught wind of this and intercepted her. They took her in and helped raise her, at first she had been quite shy but she eventually became somewhat of a social butterfly. The heroes looked into her story further but found the original facility decimated, with no sign of life. FInding this they simply told Lori they would continue to look into it, and allow her to enroll in the Hero Academy. Lori eventually evolved into a sweet and social person, though dealing with the occasional PTSD attack, she's named herself Twinkle in light of her optimistic personality.

Name: Elsa
Alias: Terra
Power: Nature Manipulation/Magic
Background: Elsa's history as a child is still unknown, but what is known is that she was chosen by Druid to be his specific psychic. She was chosen due to her innate connection to nature, being able to speak to animals and plants alike, as well as control both. One day she had came across a site of destruction in the middle of a desert, seeing children run away from what seemed to be government officials out of a facility. She had seen one little girl, about the same age as her run away with such ferocity. She had been changing the ground beneath her as she walked, sprouting trees and a forest in the dead desert behind her to block her captives. This made Elsa happy seeing such a free soul. Later on she found a boy hiding by himself by the border of the countries she had known to be Mexico and America. The boy's family had just been killed, and he was being hunted down by guards. He didnt know what to do but hid. Elsa feeling bad for the boy had sprouted vines across the wall for the boy to climb as he ran to his freedom. Eventually following up with the two free spirits she had just seen, she asked Druid if she could attend the LA Hero Academy in order to learn and watch over them. Druid was hesitant at first, but eventually allowed her to, because of this she has become great friends with both Roberto and Lori.

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PostSubject: Re: Side Character List for New Hero RP   

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Side Character List for New Hero RP
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