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 Side Character List for New Hero RP

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Nick Man
Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: Side Character List for New Hero RP   Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:53 am

Nick's Side Characters:


Name: Micheal Korver
Alias: None
Alignment: None
Role: Nathan's best friend who goes to college with him. Dorm roommates. Takes stuff pretty seriously but doesnt know Nathan is a superhero.


Name: Garold
Alias: Prime
Alignment: Super Hero
Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Super Speed, Super Senses
Role: Was the first and strongest superhero in the world. Lead the superhero movement and now acts as the head for the High Justice Council.

Name: ???
Alias: Draco
Alignment: Super Hero
Powers: Dragon abilities, can shoot and tank Flames, Super physicals (spiderman level at his base), gadgets/suits similar to batman, enhanced vision, Dragon Form
Role: One of the best tactical heroes in the world. Trained under Prime's best friend who has been long deceased the Black Dragon. He's now the head instructor at the Secret Hero Academy.

Name: Tye Lorantin
Alias: Leviathon
Powers: Water manipulation, Atlantic weaponry and armor, minor atlantic magic, superhuman strength and reflexes
Role: Is the son of the Atlantean King and hero TidalWave. His mother is also a human, so he goes to the human world regulary, was sent by his father to train at the academy.

Name: Alexis Harrison
Alias: Viper
Powers: Invisibility, Peak Human Agility, Peak Human Flexibility, Peak Human Acrobatic, Expert Knife Fighter and Thrower, minor intel gadgets such as a touch screen pad on her arm, an ear piece, us drives to gather information, etc.
Role: Currently student in training at the academy as well as a student at a New York University. She's one of the best students in the stealth program and is an expert at attaining information.

Name: ???
Alias: Pulse
Power: Sonic Manipulation, Vibration Manipulation
Role: Head of the Secret Hero Academy, one of the most skilled heroes and is currently the top hero under the Justice Council.

Name: Ella Grace
Alias: Olympian
Power: Can utilize the abilities of the Olympian gods. Generally can only harness one ability at a time.
Role: Was born Zeus's daughter. Being his first child in ages he was overprotective of her and her abilities, belieiving her to be the supposed God of Gods the oracles had foretold Zeus about. OVertime Ella became impatient, hearing all these stories about her siblings and how they've saved the world over and over fighting off monsters. Ella eventually ran away from Olympus against her father's orders and began hunting down demons and monsters threatening the Earth, eventually coming across Cyber Demon who put a halt to her crusade, getting her locked up through interpol.


Name: Corwin Brant
Alias: DarkEdge
Power: Darkness manipulation, Dark world Summoning, Can shroud areas in a dark aura.
Role: A young child found by the Council with a great potential and power within him. He was sent to the Academy to be taught and trained properly about heroics.

Name:Terrance Steel
Alias: Steel
Powers: Can turn his skin to steel and any nonanimate object he touches into steel as well.
Role: Owns the largest night club franchise in New York, runs a fairly large gang within the city. Has a large public profile.

Name: Henry Walker
Alias: DeathStalker
Powers: Scorpion-Humanoid body, Super Physicals proportionate to Scorpian, can camoflauge body, can spit acid from his mouth and use his blow dart for long range and more accuracy, Poison-Tipped claws and fangs that can knock people out if injected, 360 Vision, Expert h2h martial artist
Role: Was part of a Black Ops Special Forces group when an op went wrong. Him and his team were believed to be dead when infact he survived and was cursed by a witch in the desert, gaining scorpion like abilities. Now hunts down the government officials that abandoned him and any magic user to turn him back to normal. Extremely skilled and well capable.

Name: ???
Alias: Shadow Lord
Powers: SHadow Manipulation, Shadow Constructs, Shadow Teleportation, Shadow Clones, Dark Magic in general.
Role: Was Prime's nemesis up until he went almost 15 years ago. It's believed Prime defeated him, but in reality he simply went missing. Master of the strongest forms of the Dark Arts, specifically Shadow Form the deadliest. Was one of the worlds most threatening villians.

Name: Rex Lionel
Alias: Atomic
Power: Radiation Manipulation, Nuclear Manipulation
Role: Was in a nuclear powerplant explosion long ago. Is the current nemesis to Pulse, and leads one of the largest villianous teams. He's blown up entire cities across the world, as well as leaving radiation poisoning.

Name: ???
Alias: Cyber Demon
Power: Technopathy, tech gadgets, demonic powers, curses, minor flame manipulation
Role: Was a demon who served under a powerful demonic lord. Was torn in half in a battle with Draco when he had fully released his magical Dragon Side, nearly causing his soul and demonic body to wither away until his master had given him to the Controller to be remodified and brought back.


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Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: Re: Side Character List for New Hero RP   Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:04 pm

Ya Boi's Side Characters:

Name: Lucas Reilly
Alias: Deacon
Alignment: Superhero
Powers: Copycat/Apathy - copies via sight of the person with the power or touch. Sight lasts 2 minutes per cycle and touch lasts 10 minutes per cycle.
Role: One of the top Superheroes in the world, absurdly useful for his ability to copy any power and use it just as effectively if not more so than the person he copied it from as well as being apathetic means he never gets emotionally attached to any mission and thus is sent on ones seen as most difficult towards a persons psyche.
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Side Character List for New Hero RP
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