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 New Generation Hero RP - 5 year Synopsis

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PostSubject: New Generation Hero RP - 5 year Synopsis   New Generation Hero RP - 5 year Synopsis Icon_minitimeSun Mar 24, 2019 12:08 pm

The World’s Chapter
The world has changed and adapted over these last 5 years. Merit having become president has set a new example for peace in the world, having worked with and financially backed the Hero Association, and creating a more structured, yet well working regulation rules for the Heroes across the world. In this day and age academies are still a thing, however they work very differently. Classes are no longer the system, instead more personal mentors are the route the Hero Association have gone with. A hero can become a mentor via an application process through the newly formed Hero Council (which will be brought up later in this post). After officially being registered as a mentor, they are aloud to use any of the Hero Academy facilities to their liking, being the only ones with full access. Each Mentor can only teach up to 3 students at a time until their students have passed the Licencing Exam. Each Academy hosts dorm facilities for the students or teachers to stay at, as well as training facilities ran by the head trainer who holds lessons for those looking to get extra practice in. Each academy also consists of a head Principal to oversee anyone entering and leaving the academy, as well as an intel hub to help both Mentors and Students while out on missions. Superhumans in general are not permitted to use their abilites freely out in public unless licensed, the only exception to this is if a Mentor has gained Principal approval for a mission involving a student, these only being allowed to be issued no more than once a month for each student. Any Mentor abusing these rules will be suspended and possibly apprehended if the student’s lives are endangered. In order to enter the Hero Licensing Exam, your teacher must apply you for an Entrance Test. Mentors may only do this for student’s they’ve taught longer than a year. The entrance test is taken at the academy which is judged by the Head Trainers at each facility, as well as overseen by each academy head. After which if they’ve passed they may enter the Hero Exam. All Mentors and students will head to the moon city, where the council and all Academy Heads will judge at the Exam as the students face their challenge in the Moon’s new ecosystem (explained later on), while the Mentors watch on from the City given direct camera oversight over their students who are taking the exam. If one passes the exam they’ll gain a Secondary Hero Licence. Secondary Hero Licenses allow the hero to go on missions with either a team of 5 or a professional hero by their side, otherwise they can not use their powers in public or go on missions until they’ve upgraded to a Primary Hero License. A Primary Hero License can only be gained when a holder of the Secondary Hero license is trained by another Mentor for a 1 month period. Afterwards they may upgrade to a Primary Hero License and go on sanctioned operations on their own without anyone’s assistance.

The Council’s Chapter
As for what’s happened to our heroes specifically, there’s been a great deal of change. Beginning with the council, Primus is now leading the Hero Association. Alongside him on the council are fellow members Fallen Angel, Titan, Pulse, Stella, Silver Scarab, Split, Leviathan, Terra, and Antibody. The council now being 10 members instead of 7, bringing in more different personalities and thought processes. Primus, Fallen, and Titan having started off the entire council, and hand picking each one. Even offering Neo a position, but he had turned it down. As for what each member is doing individually, Primus has done less hero work and more delegation, having more time to focus on raising his son. Titan is the head of the Nexus Hero Academy for the East Coast. Silver Scarab is the head of the Meta Hero Academy on the West Coast. Split is the head of the European Hero Association as well as head of Guard Legion and Noble Hero Academy in the Netherlands. Stella oversees all individual hero operations, operatives who do not mentor but simply go on operations and patrols. Pulse handles the Registration and monitoring process for all Mentor’s and their students. Leviathan is the King of Atlantis, having opened their borders to the surface world and creating a surface Atlantean Port for those to entire Atlantis, sharing magics and science with the surface world. Terra is oversees all magic activity among the hero association as well as watches over the newly refurbished Gaurden of Life that her mentor Druid had watched over the years. Antibody is the head of medicine, though is near the end of her life, teaching Extract in hopes of her superceding her in death. The Hero Council is generally well recieved, especially Titan, but rarely do they ever have time for missions themselves as they are busy overseeing their individual departments. Infact they are not the most famous heroes. That title belongs to the “Protectors”.

The Protector’s Chapter
The Protectors have also been through some change over the years. After Magno’s death during the battle with the Death Squad and their demons, Alpha Force disbanded. The Protector’s offered invitations to each member, though Illustrator denied it wanting to go on his own. Now him and Dark Edge are some of the top hero operatives for the Hero Association. Extract also quit the group and left for the moon city, only doing recovery work now, afraid of her true deadly power. She hasn’t been on a mission since. They’ve now taken base in what was their Hero Academy, which has now been remodeled to be their main Head Quarters for the team. Starting with the current team’s lineup there is Neo, Dark Edge, IQ, Olympia, Ace, and Twinkle. Reserve Members after the 5 year period include Leviathan, Terra, and Extract, however they haven’t needed to be called in during the entire duration of the 5 year period. As said earlier Dark Edge is now one of the top operatives for the Hero Association.. IQ works in the Intel Hub for the Nexus Hero Academy, assisting new students and mentors on missions running communications. Having been trained by Nano herself he’s quite skilled, he is now in the process of training another young hero who is also Nano’s son, Cyber Knight. Olympia is now dating Neo for the last 2 years, and is the head of the Training facilities at the Nexus Hero Academy, working with the now reformed Shut Off on training simulations for the new students. Ace works with the world’s governments on planetary restoration, as well as keeping the Neo Engines intact around the world (that’ll be touched on in another paragraph), he works as the Hero Association’s liason for the United Nation. Twinkle is head of the training facilities over at the Meta Hero Academy, working alongside Silver Scarab, who generally speaks with her privately about private matters. This makes her the best contact for the council compared to most of the other members who have strained or more personal relationships with the council members. The Protectors have become the most famous team across the world. During the first two years they head lead the charge for regulation control and criminal overlook across the entire country of the United States, taking care of both the West and East Coast  situations. It wasn’t long till they were the most famous american team, having already been known for handling the Death Squad and many other threats. They were brought in for any high profile case across the world, handling situations even certain council members themselves couldn’t take care of. Or they’d be sent off to space to work with their assignement Dimensioner on handling Galactic level threats with heroes from other Worlds, Neo generally taking charge. The last 2 years of this 5 year era had been fairly peaceful, the Protectors really only meeting up now if there was a world ending threat on the brink of their door. The last of which, had been Genesis, the father of Primus (This is explained in the New Generations Side Character List). Primus having fought of Genesis for almost an entire day, Genesis himself not weakening. When he had learned the man before him was his very own father, he nearly lost the will to fight. Genesis saw this as his opportunity and left for the Moon, terraforming the entire moon with an ecosystem that could survive on less sunlight than Earth’s, though he had planned to reattach it the planet, thinking the planet was missing apart of it’s heart. No one quite understood what Genesis was truly after, as he claimed he simply wanted the Earth to be whole again. The Protectors were called in, having to fight off the man who defeated Primus himself. With all their efforts combined they were eventually able to bring down Genesis, and return the Moon to its proper orbit. Thought it was not easy, as Genesis had given up on reattaching the Moon when the Protectors interferred, he sought to create a whole new world in istelf. Being the last two standing, Neo and Dark Edge had to battle Genesis in the middle of what was a world being constructed, fighting through a skeleton of what the core, mantle, and crust would be of this planet and it’s ravines. Eventually after giving him an opening, Neo had absorbed the cores energy and utilized it for one final big attack, bringing the man down. The planet itself fell apart as Neo had absorbed the energy from the core, though due to it’s proximity to Earth it was a mass larger than Mar’s itself, and was falling towards Earth’s graviational pull. In a last ditch effort, Neo had heard a reassuring phrase from a familiar voice, though he didn’t know quite where to place it. The voice had told him “You can do it. You’re their only hope, you have to embrace the Drift”. In that moment Neo finally reconnected with the Drift, the first time in years since he last entered with Revolver, and was able to use the Drift to absorb the entire planet, letting it flow through the drift itself, and pop it back out into vaccum of the vastly large galaxy away from any inhabited planets. With their mission done and the Moon now bustling with a healthy ecosystem, they had transformed the moon for the Hero Associations exam tests, now with a wild ecosystem bustling with energy and life for them to utilize against the students. Genesis himself now locked in the same prison as Vice, underneath the Moon City.

The Guard Legion’s Chapter
As for Guard Legion their ranks have also added new members. Their leader still being Split, with fellow members Crystalline, Spirit Walker, Omega Wolf, and Orgamech. Split and Crystalline are now the star celebrity couple in Europe, even more famous than the royal pair themself. They got married during the 3rd year of this period, which was televised all across the world. They now have one baby girl, Crystalline taking maternity leave during this. Spirit Walker is also one of the more well respected Hero Operatives within the Hero Association, being the only one in Guard Legion to go on missions without his team. Omega Wolf is one of the new members who handles the training facilities for several of the Hero Academies in Europe, being called the next “Draco” of this generation.Orgamech is also one of the new members, now handling the teams technical side of things and running the intel hub for the European factions. He’s also been in some run ins with the Controller, having faced him throughout the years being stalked by the mechanical husk, as if being observed and studied.

Controller & Titan’s Chapter
Merit now leading the United States government has been an excellent president. Though he may seem like one of the most caring world leaders the planet has ever seen, in the shadows it’s much darker. Utilizing the American’s reserve of cosmic dust, he engineers himself a Controller Suit that could potentially stop even Neo or Primus. Also using the military defense budget to create an army of Controller Suits at his control. Using his contacts and the CIA he’s been able to hunt down some of the darkest criminals across the country, bringing them in and promising them full immunity in his new revolution, which he has had planned from the beggining. Now creating this new Society of Villians, he’s created an organization/structure for some of the country’s deadliest foes, planning a full on take over. At the moment he bides his time, knowing Neo and Titan are both suspicious of him. With the start of his now second term, he aims to take full control, not wanting to relinquish his control over america, but wanting to also expand it to the rest of the world. Titan has kept a cautious eye on his father, but has also built upon his father’s company Lance Inc. He now funds research for third world countries and also bankrolls the Hero Association, with Lance Inc now being the top sponsor. Infact it was Titan who had helped establish the new exam grounds on the Moon’s surface, and implemented Lance Inc tech in order to observe the data of the newly formed species and life forms on the Moon. Engineering test simulations and renovating not only the Hero Academies but the Moon City itself, he now acts as head Judge for the annual Hero Exams. Titan however does not go on missions anymore, as his Omega Form has been corrupted when he last fought Shadow Lord. Now worried abot no longer having control, he sticks to the side lines, teaching the new generation of heroes and watching his former students carry the torch.

Neo’s Chapter
Now onto Neo. Nathan has grown a lot through these years. Being the new leader of the Protectors, as well as being one of if not the most famous hero in the world, and even across space. He worked with his mother Leila on a Neo Engine Generator, which Joseph (Titan) had Lance Inc distribute across the world, developing a clean form of energy renewal across the entire planet. Leila now oversees the implementation of these generators in 3rd world countries, being the lead engineer now. She sold her apartment and now travels the world. Aside from the Protectors and his Mother, Neo also started a relationship with Olympia, having bought a ring in the last month planning to propose here soon. Over this time he rejected an spot on the Justice Council, which many people had questioned, but Nathan didn’t feel like he deserved it. Infact he hated the praise he got from around the world, it’s why he still sustains his secret identity, wanting to still have an ordinary life on the side. He didn’t want a seat of control, having already had bad experiences with past versions of the council, it was the last thing he wanted to see himself become. Someone who controls the Hero Association. Instead he stayed low, granted still helping out with every major threat that came around. One of the first of many battles Neo had faced over the years was one against the Infernal Cult. A cult growing across america with many well known celebrities and political figures, all based on worshipping a god who resembled closely to Inferno who wanted the destruction of Merit’s presidential structure. As much as Neo disliked Merit, this had him suspicious, as many of the higher cult members had gained pryokinetic abilities themselves, however he never found the leader of the Cult itself. Though Neo believed it to be an old follower of Inferno, possibly one of his former gang members who took Inferno’s new form and ideology too far. This brough Neo to look into his former gang which had still been around, just not as large. Eventually this is where Neo ran into a young man named Eclipse his future student. Around this time the Protectors were just starting to become well known throughout the world, so Neo had been busy, not being able to follow up with his investigation into the cult as much as he’d like, but one day Neo decided to follow up and head to the Blayze Bar for information. Neo had ran into Eclipse when he arrived at the bar, as Eclipse had just killed his father, a member of the Blayze Gang. Forgetting about the investigation, Neo took the boy in. The police arrived and took the boy to the station, however Neo followed wanting to speak with the boy. Learning of his backstory he decided to mentor Eclipse and take care of him. Over the years he taught Eclipse basic control over his powers and a few advanced techniques. The boy was incredibly serious and rarely joked, always angry with himself thinking he could do better. This reminded him heavily of Dark Edge and Revolver. Over this time things were going well for Neo. The Protectors had earned themselves a whole new status among the entire community, his relationship with Olympia was strong, and he had felt so much pride and joy watching Eclipse grow. But there was one thing he still feared. The Drift. He feared going into the Drift ever since his battle with Revolver, not wanting to trap himself again like he did with Revolver all those years ago. There were times where he did try to utilize the Drift, but every time he entered there was always a figure, who looked drearily similar to Drifter, but somewhat older. It followed him every time he entered the Drift even for a moment, and so he feared going back in. It wasn’t until his battle with Genesis that he could faintly see the figure of the older Drifter, which gave him some reassuring words, telling him to embrace the Drift as it was the only way to stop Genesis. Finally bringing in the full force of the Drift’s power, he used the Drift’s currents to move the skeleton of an entire planet across the galaxy away from Earth. During this entire last year he’s explored the drift more and more, though the figure hasn’t shown itself in the past year. He can now utilize the Drift to transport himself, others, or objects across large distances, however he can only do this only 2-3 times a day, as well as can only do this across large distances and not somethings mall like across a city, as that takes much more precision. Now not having worked with the Protectors in a year as there have not been any global or galactic threats, he focuses on his teachings with Eclipse, hoping to help him pass the coming Hero Exam.

Viper’s Chapter
Lastly we have Viper, she’s been busy herself. She hasn’t contacted a single one of her old teammates since the Death Squad battle, besides Dark Edge. This is due to the fact that they’re the only ones in contact with Draco. Draco has been hidden away, retiring from the hero life living in a cottage in Switzerland. He gave his location to his first 2 students, Dark Edge and Viper, giving them both a device which would signal him if they were in danger and vice versa for himself. Otherwise Viper has been preoccupied. During her first year she ran into Vesryn and Deka, both amazing her with their abilities. She saw true potential in them, a feeling similar to how Draco felt when he met Viper and Dark Edge. Wanting to foster that potential and help it grow, as well as using it as an excuse to keep out of the limelight, she went to Pulse. Reminding him of the time she was the only one who believed him during his time of mental instability with Shadow Lord’s control over him. Cashing in her favor, Pulse agreed to renew her license and register her as a Mentor, however the process would take a year. During that year Viper followed Vesryn and Deka closely, but always staying out of sight. The two ventured across the world, nearly getting themselves into all kinds of trouble. Viper stayed behind the scenes, protecting them whenever they got into danger. One time they Vesryn and Deka had heard about a meta gang problem in a Spanish town, which they had tried to handle themselves. Starting a fight with the gang members Vesryn and Deka had begun handling a small handful of, though they were vastly outnumbered. As they were each working together to take down two other members, Viper herself singlehandedly took down the rest of the gang. The meta gang thinking a ghost was taking down their members and haunting them, ran away from them and left the city. Deka and Vesryn thinking they had knocked down the other members, scaring off the others. Eventually however Viper had to reveal herself as the two had chased down an actual villian, who could see Viper through her invisibility. Viper eventually brought the villian down and confessed to Deka and Vesryn. At first they were hesitant on letting Viper teach them when she offered, but she began to point out their flaws during their last few adventures, and giving them tips as to how they could fix them. Giving her a chance, Viper officially took them in as her students and got Registered as a Mentor. She took them around the world, and even took them on some unsanctioned missions in smaller desolate countries away from the prying eyes of the Hero Association. She now looks after the two in an abandoned castle in Germany which use to be the base of another Villain the three had taken down. Having it modified, she uses it as their home as well as their training ground in preparation for the Hero Exams coming up. She deeply cares about the two, practically seeing them as her own two children, even if they dont see her in the same light.

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New Generation Hero RP - 5 year Synopsis
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