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 Fandolar, the Giant Terra Planet

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PostSubject: Fandolar, the Giant Terra Planet   Fandolar, the Giant Terra Planet Icon_minitimeSun May 12, 2019 7:17 pm

Era of Genesis
Fandolar, a planet formed from the fusion of Cosmic Dust, the Drift, an unknown force, and a huge rock three times the size of Jupiter; it developed its own consciousness due to its nature and eventually gained sentience. While the universe developed and eventually Earth formed, Fandolar was already in full swing, the first signs of life appearing on the planet and in the atmosphere, splitting the planet into two factions. As the years passed and alien life visited the planet, the planets inhabitants grew to learn and feel. Through the core of Fandolar, it created a Progenitor, someone who was made of Cosmic dust, and who could manipulate the Drift; as time passed the progenitor split his body into countless motes of dust which embedded themselves in every being on the world, granting them access to cosmic dust manipulation, and drift manipulation; as thousands of years passed, individual thoughts formed and the beings began to use their powers in new and different ways. Cities began to spring up as electricity in its purest form was discovered when cosmic dust was manipulated to the mastery level, fires sprang up as the drift as used in conjunction, and civilization finally sprouted upon Fandolar.

The Formulon Era
As the civilizations sprouted on the planet, the people were all connected through an unknown force which binded the drift to every one of their minds, enabling them to communicate with each other through it. Time passed and the civilizations on the ground developed architecture that surpassed imagination, themselves growing horns of white cosmic dust, their bodies formed of Fandolar itself, with the drift swirling inside of them, showing slightly through cracks in their rock bodies; the civilization atop the clouds took a different approach and built buildings out of clouds that augmented the power of the three suns that beamed down onto Fandolar, their bodies were formed out of the atmosphere of Fandolar and the suns rays, giving them an ethereal sheen as their cosmic dust bodies dissolved and were formed into a wispy form with what looked like a galaxy swirling within them. As the civilizations flourished, the progenitor went out into space and did not return for thousands of years; while he was away, a mysterious substance began to erode the people below and above Fandolar, it rained from the cosmos and was deemed a scourge for the planet; as the civilizations were dying off, the progenitor returned and took charge. Claiming the mysterious substance was called "Formulon", he pushed the civilization to instead embrace the dust, as it collected, it erupted in an electrical spark seen only in the masters of the cosmic dust; and thus began the age of science.

The Age of Science
After the progenitor took charge, the civilizations began to question the Formulon that fell to their planet, they began to experiment with it and discovered that by tempering it with cosmic dust, and the drift, that the Formulon would take any form they would wish, and even augment their ability to think, bringing with it clarity and a calm mind. As the liquid kept pouring from the heavens, Fandolar created an abyss to store the Formulon in, thousands of miles deep, the ocean of Fandolar was now formed. Within the depths of the ocean new life began to spring up, creatures of varying sizes were born, but their form was the one thing they held in common. They were creatures with giant eyes of black, capable of holding the heavens and all beneath, a mouth full of sharp teeth that glinted with an obsidian sheen, six arms with two spreading at their shoulders, midsection and lumbar, and legs with orifices from which Formulon would be ejected from. This was the advent of the Formulon civilization. Eventually the beings on Fandolar all had their thinking augmented to a certain amount that each of them began to research new elements and evolve their bodies, bringing diversity to a once stagnant species; the ground civilizations dug into Fandolar to mine for resources, which replenished every time Fandolar took a breath, the air civilizations discovered space travel by use of photon radiation, and the sea civilizations discovered a way to forge Cosmic dust, the Drift, and Formulon into a physical form that would cut the oceans and split the heavens. The three civilizations put their differences aside as they met up and put their science together, creating the First Scientific Academy of Fandolar, through which the methods of the air, earth, and sea creatures were combined. As the thousands of years passed, the innately gifted individuals led the civilization into the scientific golden era, discovering electricity, clean energy sources, solar augmentation, and completed artifacts.

The age of Conquest
While the earth was flourishing with dinosaurs, Fandolar had already conquered the three moons closest to it, their space ships made of cosmic dust and formulon had decimated the enemies planets and space ships, as the marines and infantry with cosmic dust manipulation conquered the people below; the people were enslaved and sent to colonize distant planets, this is where inbreeding came into play, the three civilizations bred with the conquered and created many subspecies that were sent out into the universe and forgotten, to live or die. The space ships scoured the galaxy as powered individuals on the planetary and cosmic level came out to stop them, only to die at the hands of the Fandolarians, with their artifacts cutting apart their attacks and preventing regeneration in some cases, it seemed nothing would stop Fandolar in its bloody path to glory. One corner of their galaxy was decimated and another assimilated. Eventually Fandolar made its way to Earth, but discovering it was full of nothing but lizards and bacteria, they decimated it with a planet buster, killing all life on Earth and sending it into an ice age; or so they thought, as they left they did not realize that the Formulon would react to the Earth's core and change it on a fundamental level, imbuing it with Cosmic dust and the Drift respectively. The Fandolarians returned home, to spend their years in isolation, connecting to other galaxies.

The age of Isolation
After conquering the galaxy, and all of the resources it held, the Fandolarians turned their attention to other universes and time; the three races all began to experiment but they all failed. They could not go through the boundaries of time. Fandolar had to interfere, by radiating out cosmic Dust, the drift, and Formulon at the same time, an anomaly occurred; Fandolar was swallowed up into a pocket of time, where it drifted for what seemed like an eternity. Millennia passed, the galaxy developed and was flourishing, the new races that came from Fandolar spread like an infestation as the planet and its inhabitants was stuck in an alternate time pocket. Fandolar only grew in power as its inhabitants perfected their science, war machines, and mastery of cosmic dust and the drift. A large pulse was sent out during the time of Prime's glory days, signifying that Fandolar was once again awakening, it was the drone that Mark heard when he was drawn to Merit, who was working on the drift. As Fandolar was breaking through the time bubble, years passed on earth, Ouroborous came and went, as did the eldritch invasion; now in the five years that passed since it, an envoy finally broke through the time bubble, and in a dilapidated ship is now flying to Earth, emitting a pulse heard only by those who possess the drift in their minds.
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Fandolar, the Giant Terra Planet
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