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 Powers tier system

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Powers tier system Empty
PostSubject: Powers tier system   Powers tier system Icon_minitimeFri Feb 10, 2017 6:04 pm

The tiers range from tier 0 - Tier 10. Each tier not necessarily increasing in power, correlating tiers above a lower tier is a direct increase in power though. For example: t2: Aquakinesis -> t4: Cryokinesis

Moving on

T0: A character with reflexes above an average human, reflexes include strength, speed, endurance and whatnot.
T1: Bodily enhancing powers: This can be achieved from t0 by either a lucky encounter or a fateful breakthrough.
T2: Kinesis type powers: This is basically controlling the elements with your mind
T3: Molecular form change: Basically transformation, either partial or full, you change yourself
T4: Molecular matter manipulation: Basically manipulating elements on a molecular level
T5: Molecular form change: The ability to transform things around you
T6: Worldwide scale
T7: Interplanetary scale
T8: undecided
T9: undecided
T10: Galaxy breaking: Pretty much omnipotent or omni killing powers, kill gods, be gods, etc. This is the system's power tier, can not be opposed until late game

Tiers can be bypassed and powers can evolve by growing for example: T2 can become T4; T3 can become T5; T0 can become T1. Over time you may or may not be able to get another tier power added to your character, due to some lucky occurrence, or bestowal by the system (not implemented yet, nor will it be implemented anytime soon).
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Powers tier system
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