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 Currency and revenue system

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Currency and revenue system Empty
PostSubject: Currency and revenue system   Currency and revenue system Icon_minitimeSat Feb 11, 2017 8:47 pm

Currency is called Bios. Bios can be earned through revenue sources. Or it can be earned through gaining civilian money and converting it; the conversion rate is: $1000 -> 100B. With bios, you can buy general items from the system shop, and you can buy hideout upgrades.

Moving on

In short these are ways for your character to earn a certain amount of bios in irl time. Depending on what source is bought, the bios gained is generated either hourly or daily. For example: buying a supermarket or apartment is daily income, while buying a corner store is hourly income. These sources are based off of common sense, so USE IT; the larger a source, the more it generates, the more you have to wait.

A store and hideout upgrade center will be opened in a separate thread.

Please note that Some Sources Might Have A Weekly Collection Timer, but They Are Not Yet Implemented, Nor Will They Be For The Time Being. Thank You.
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Currency and revenue system
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